At the Scribble Buster UK labs we’ve developed a special formula that really works!

Pen ink, crayon, lipstick, nail varnish and other hard to remove marks need a solvent to dissolve the dyes and resins within them. They are, after all, designed to be permanent so water-based systems using detergents are not enough to remove them.

The other alternative is a traditional solvent product, however these have been based on undesirables such as hydrocarbons, methylene chloride, acetone and MEK which have a high health and environmental hazard and can damage the surface being cleaned. Even orange terpenes derived from citrus fruit are dangerous to the environment and can affect the skin.

The quality of the wipe is important too. Some wipes are too thin and can break up whilst some are paper-based and can scratch many surfaces.

Scribble Buster uses a carefully selected and formulated blend of five solvents to give a biodegradable product that is easy and effective to use. It does not contain any of the harmful substances mentioned above and is faster and more effective at removing difficult marks than standard detergent-based products.

Scribble Buster comes in recyclable packaging, the formula is biodegradable and is classified as both non-flammable and non-hazardous.

We’ve tested Scribble Buster on a huge range of spills and surfaces, here are a few examples of where it can be used:

  • Your Home
  • Preschools, nurseries and playgroups
  • Schools and libraries
  • Offices and meeting rooms
  • Community centres
  • Hotels and B&Bs;

Scribble Buster formula is:

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful and effective
  • Individually sealed for freshness
  • Fantastic value for money

Scribble Buster is ideal for use in:

  • Felt tip pen on varnished wood
  • Nail varnish on bathroom tiles
  • Highlighter on laminate desk
  • Crayon on painted skirting
  • Mascara on mirrors
  • Lipstick on shelves