Do you know how much damage children can cause to your home?

According to a recent survey by a home insurance company the total is nearly £5,000 per child! But don’t worry – Scribble Buster contains a unique formula that can wipe even ‘permanent’ marks clean away, plus it’s safe to use around your home!

Scribble Buster really works; this is what May in Falkirk had to say: “I thought it was brilliant, I could not have asked for better. Scribble Buster got all the stains off the walls and doors. Thank you!”

Available in a handy box containing 14 individually sealed wipes or a re-sealable tub containing 25 wipes, Scribble Buster cleans crayon, felt tip, marker pen, biro, correction fluid, scuff marks, nail varnish, lipstick, grease and much more. Scribble Buster is suitable for use on most painted surfaces, glass UPVC, worktops, furniture, wood, whiteboards, children’s easels skirting boards, tiles and floors.

Where to use Scribble Buster …

  • Whiteboard grey and unusable? Smarten up your presentation!
  • Toys to sell on eBay or a local boot sale? Clean them up first!
  • Teenager’s dressing table ruined by nail polish? Rescue it!

Why use Scribble Buster?

  • For peace of mind – the non-toxic formula is safe to use around your home.
  • To save money – don’t replace furniture, just wipe it clean.
  • For convenience – no scrubbing or re-painting, the Scribble Buster wipe leaves you more time for the important things.

Take back control of creative challenges

Encourage creativity and make life easier!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Little budding artists scribbling everywhere?

  • Need to bring your toys and furniture back to life so they look brand new again?

  • Scuff marks on your skirting boards, tiles and floors that just won’t come off?


You Saved Our Fireplace!

Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail regarding the Scribble Buster wipes you sent us last week.

We used the wipes on our fireplace, which had been very kindly coloured in by our two year old using several colours of wax crayon. Much to our amazement, the crayon was dissolved and removed without any effort. We thought our fireplace was ruined, so what a fab product!

Also love the fact that it’s chemical free. We would love to have some on standby, just in case of any future artistic explorations using different household canvases.

Once again, thank you so much.

Dad of a creative two year-old

TV Disaster!

My young son thought our brand new TV was a drawing board, because after we set it up he coloured the entire screen with red crayon! I have tried for months to remove the wax residue but I just couldn’t get rid of it.

Then a friend mentioned Scribble Buster. Now the TV screen is clear of all wax crayon and is like new again!

I can definitely recommend this product.

Carol- Happy Scribble Buster User

Coffee Table Mark

I used my Scribble Buster wipes yesterday. They are amazing! Got rid of a mark on my coffee table that I’ve tried every other imaginable product on previously! Thanks Scribble Buster. I’m v. impressed (and I’m hard to impress ;-) )

Helen- Tunbridge Wells